Patient history

This 22 year old woman was diagnosed with cystic acne. She was prescribed penicillin by GP, followed by minocycline. In addition, she used TCP topically.

Oxypeel protocol

Following consultation, the patient was given products to pre-treat her skin for two weeks prior to beginning in-clinic treatments. Homecare and maintenance products: Foaming Milk, Oxypeel Treatment Cream and Zap-It.

The patient was asked to attend the clinic on a weekly basis initially for six weeks. Her treatment programme, image 1.1 (baseline), began with four Oxygenating sessions; result after fourth session – image 1.2. As she did not exhibit any scarring or pigmentation her programme continued for a further two weeks at which point her skin was completely clear of acne and erythema. She was advised to continue on a maintenance programme of Foaming Milk and Oxypeel Treatment Cream, and to use Zap It if spots appeared.

Homecare and maintenance

Foaming Milk
Oxypeel Treatment Cream

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